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              All of these images can be seen in more detail by clicking on the image.
              Your satisfaction is guaranteed! =)

              Below is just a sampling of the many styles and colors
              to choose from, and what is used to make the beaded bobby pins.
              You can visit each page to see all of the styles and colors. The combination possibilities are endless.

              Some of the patterns you see here are from the book:
              "Beaded Bobby Pins by Marilyn Green".
              However, color selections and other patterns are my own creation.

              All of the bobby pins below can be seen in greater detail by clicking on an image.
              Then, return using your browser's "Back" button.
              Dragonfly Bobby Pins Four Leaf Clovers Large Flower Bobbypins
              Beaded Flower Bobby Pins Bobby Pin Set 1
              Bobby Pin Set 2 Bobby Pin Set 3

              Bobby Pin Set 4 Notice how these are all made using the same beads, but they all have a different effect because of the different color wire used. These are so elegant, they could be made to complement a prom dress or even bridesmaids gowns.
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